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We provide Thermal solutions, manufacturing and Design consultancy services in Pune.

Thermistance technologies is the first Indian start-up working in the area of advanced cooling technology. Our main focus is to develop miniaturized Loop heat pipe technology for gaming and high performance computing applications. We are first in space to commercialize the advanced loop heat pipe technology at minimum cost.

Thermistance is started by passionate IIT alumni to provide world class facilities and research center for thermal management problems. We at Thermistance continuously working to provide world class thermal management solutions. Our research and development team is working on commercialization of miniature loop heat pipe technology for electronic cooling applications.

Along with advanced technologies, we also provide

  1. conventional heat pipes
  1. thermosyphons
  1. heat exchangers
  1. heat pipes with jackets
  1. pin-fins
  1. thermal storage
  1. customized porous structures for battery applications
  1. water purification applications.

Our expert teams also provide consultancy services for advanced research problems from problem defining to end use solution provider.

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