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Thermistance Technologies is the proud Indian pioneer in passive cooling technology. We drew inspiration from this shortcoming and set out to find a solution for thermal management for just about everything: from smart phones and electronics to spacecraft and satellites. Our journey doesn’t end with just giving thermal management solutions, it only begins there. We work on refining our products and venture out in the market to commercialize them.


We are a group of IIT alumni, from various technical backgrounds, who pooled in together and created Thermistance Technologies from scratch. We soar towards the sky with technology. We wanted to create cooling systems with zero maintenance and a wide array of applications. Thus was born the idea of our miniature Loop Heat Pipe system. Not only do we offer this advanced thermal management technology, but we also extend to all the variants of cooling systems like Heat Pipe, Thermosyphons, Heat Exchangers, Heat Pipes with jackets, pin fins, thermal storage, and customized porous structures for battery and water purification applications.

Our Team

From different walks of engineering domains, united by one purpose, we have a well-experienced team of engineers. We are passionate about technology and innovation, mainly revolving around cooling technologies.

Bhimashankar Wangaskar

Founder & CEO

Bhimashankar is the Founder and CEO of Thermistance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bhimashankar, a COEP and IIT Kanpur Postgraduate with tremendous experience in passive cooling technology. Bhimashankar is the founder and CEO of Thermistance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bhimashankar, a COEP and IIT Kanpur Postgraduate with tremendous experience in passive cooling technology. Bhimashankar is recognized as researcher with No. of international research publications and conference publications. He had expertise in developing different metallic porous structures and its characterization techniques. He worked on ISRO sponsored project “CNT fictionalization for developing bi-porous wicks”. He is passionate about research and wants to build research infrastructure under make in India so talented individuals can benefit and boost Indian economy.

Dhananjay Gavas


Dhananjay is the Chief Operating Officer of Thermistance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He is professional with 10 years of experience in design, development, production management...

Pratiksha Bidwe

Team Lead

Pratiksha is an engineering postgraduate from electronics department. Her interest lies in Anolog Circuit design. She is currently working on different technical...

Roy Kurian K K


Mr Kurian has 35+ years of outstanding experience in senior management. He has served as an Advisor for startup ecosystem in the Gov. of Kerala, as well as an...

Career Opportunities

Do you want to be a cool member of the Thermistance team? We are looking for ambitious, high spirited techies to join us. We offer many ways to grow and develop your Career If you are looking for a great future, feel free to contact us or share your resume. We will keep updating on open positions. If you are an engineering student who is looking for internship opportunities, connect with our team. We would prefer Mechanical, Instrumentation, Electrical, and E&TC graduates for engineering positions. Professionals from management and design backgrounds can also connect with us. Send your resume at email: career@thermistance.com

Investment opportunities

Thermistance is known for its excellence in advanced technologies. We are currently working on the commercialization of a novel technology, for which we require funding to continue our research and development activities.

In this grossing world, where there is a massive revamping of digitalization, miniaturization, rising demand for Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, and electric vehicles, there is an inevitable increase in the demand for our efficient product.

Our team is working hard, day and night, so the world can become more energy-efficient, one application at a time. We strive to be the top solution provider in the industry.

We assure you that the future of Thermistance Technologies will shine bright, backed up by our hard work and the genius of our product. If you are a believer in technology, who wants to invest with us, please feel free to contact us at email: bhimashankar@thermistance.com

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