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Your Career Awaits at Thermistance Technologies!

Hey there! Ever dreamed of working somewhere that's all about thinking outside the box? Look no further – you've just stumbled upon Thermistance Technologies, where we're all about shaking things up!

We're not just a regular workplace; we're a bunch of tech enthusiasts on a mission to change the game. Imagine a place where your awesome skills get the spotlight they deserve, and your ideas are like the superhero capes of the tech world – making a lasting impact.

Welcome to the Coolest Workplace Ever

Hey there! Imagine a place where work feels like hanging out with friends, but you also get stuff done – that's us at Thermistance Technologies. Here's the lowdown on what makes our work environment super cool.

The Thermistance Vibe

Passionate Minds Unite

Passionate, skilled team dedicated to thermal excellence, turning challenges into opportunities, pushing boundaries for innovation.

Cutting-Edge Research

Our workspace: a thrilling research adventure echoing with excitement, delving deep into challenges, specializing in Loop Heat Pipe tech.

Pushing Boundaries

Innovative Product Portfolio

Innovative thermal solutions: heat pipes, thermosyphons, heat exchangers, tailored products available.

Consultancy Excellence

Expert team offers advanced research, personalized consultancy, guiding from problem definition to real-world solutions.

What to Expect

Open Collaboration Spaces

Collaborative environment: open spaces for idea-sharing, fostering inclusivity and creativity.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Cutting-edge facilities with latest tech for tackling thermal management challenges effectively.

Passion-Fueled Atmosphere

Passionate team in a vibrant, dynamic atmosphere, dedicated to making a difference.

Join the Innovation Journey

If you're looking for a workplace where innovation is a way of life and challenges are opportunities, Thermistance Technologies is the place for you. Check out our job openings and be part of a team that's redefining thermal management solutions.

Open Positions

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Chikhali, Pune

Chikhali, Pune

Chikhali, Pune

Chikhali, Pune

Chikhali, Pune